Vintage Couchtisch von Jos de Mey für Luxus

Belgian designer Jos De Mey was a leading figure in the 1950s furniture scene, and an all-round artist and designer. In the 1950s and 1960s he had his own practice for interior architecture, color advice, and furniture design, and later on served as a painter inspired by Magritte, Esher, and Breugel. De Meys´ designs where a gentle representation of modernism; his works showed a characteristic feel, that found a balance between strong and smooth shapes. This table was produced by Luxus in the mid-1950s in Kortrijk, and is less well known than products produced by Van Den Berghe Pauvers. The coffee table has a base in black lacquered wood that carries a square glass tabletop. The glass is supported by four original rubber tops that were added to the base.

3 000.00 EUR