Vintage BKF Butterfly Sessel von Artek Pascoe

This butterfly armchair or BKF was manufactured by Artek-Pascoe in the 1940s or 1950s. It features a structure in tubular iron and a yellow canvas seat. The cover is of American origin, probably added later. The piece is in good vintage condition, the fabric is washed out in places, some stitching can be a bit worn. The solid iron structure has all the traces of time due to its age, which gives the iron a patina. The Artek-Pascoe edition of the butterfly chair lasted only a few decades until the early 1950s. Then it was taken over by Knoll International and finally by Airborne. The Artek-Pascoe chairs are distinguished by the slightly larger size of their structure compared to those of the current Airborne chairs.

580.00 EUR